11th Annual Fred S. Grodins Graduate Research Symposium

where Biomedical Engineering graduate students of the University of Southern California
showcase their research

March 31st, 2007 at:
USC Davidson Conference Center
Committee Members

Theodore Zanos, Joseph Munaretto, Rachel Bitton, Chi-Hyung "JJ" Seo, Wenli Wang, Nicholas Sachs


Grodins Graduate Award:
Xiaoning Wang

Platform First Place:
Rachel Bitton – Photoacoustic Microscopy with a 30MHz Array and Receive System

Platform Runner-Up:
Leanne Chan – Biological Response of Electrical Stimulation in Normal and Degenerate Retina

Platform Runner-Up:
Sinchai Tsao – Incorporating Radius Features for Computer Aided Bone Age Assessment of Older Children

Poster Awards:

Mahsa Rouhanizadeh – Mitochondrial membrane potential regulation by pulsatile/oscillatory shear stress

Kenrick Kuwahara – Proanthocyanidin improve healing in thermally treated collagen

Ronalee Lo – A Reusable In-Plane Polymer Integrated Microfluidic Interconnect

Madison Zitting – Design Considerations for a fiber-optic light guiding system for the excitation and collection of fluorescence marking insulin release in ß-cells

Bing Lu – Nonlinear Dynamic Neural Network for Text-Independent Speaker Identification without Knowing Exact Voice Print

Neha Parikh – Modeling a visual-attention based image processing algorithm for a retinal prosthesis using Simulink and implementing on the TMS320DM642 (720 MHz) Digital Signal Processor

Joy Hsu – Animal to Human Scaling of Anticancer Drug Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics

Rahul Kaliki – Controlling Distal Arm Postures from Shoulder Movement During 2D Reaching and Graspin


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