Department of Biomedical Engineering Media Coverage

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USC Viterbi News: “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!”

May 11, 2019

From engineering rockets that break records to solving global crisis and launching start-ups, the Class of 2019 is going places

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USC Viterbi News: “A Ph.D. Is Our Call to Action”

May 10, 2019

USC Viterbi School of Engineering’s 2019 Ph.D. Hooding and Awards ceremony

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Interesting Engineering: 9 Pieces of Bionic Tech That Will Make You Superhuman

Dec 07, 2018

Research by Ted Berger was mentioned on technology to improve the brain’s performance

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CBS: New Research ‘Hacks’ Brain’s ‘Code’ To Combat Memory Loss

Oct 12, 2018

Theodore Berger was quoted about his mathematical model that predicts how the human mind forms a memory.

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PCMag: At This Hackathon, Alexa Gives You More Than Just the Weather

Oct 12, 2018

PhD student Brian Cohn from the Valero-Cuevas Lab was featured for winning the $10,000 prize from USC’s recent “Voice Assistants for All” hackathon.

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ALS Association: Megan McCain awarded research grant from ALS Association

Jun 11, 2018

McCain works to discover new potential ALS therapeutics and a better understanding ALS disease mechanisms using a unique and innovative tools.

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Swarthmore College: Valero-Cuevas Receives Honorary Degree from Swarthmore

Jun 08, 2018

Francisco Valero-Cuevas was awarded an honorary degree from his alma mater, Swarthmore College for his scientific contributions. He spoke at Swarthmore’s commencement ceremony on May 27, 2018

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Ellis Meng receives the 2018 EMBS Technical Achievement Award

May 22, 2018

This award is given annually to an individual “to recognize an individual(s) for outstanding achievement, contribution(s), and/or innovation in a technical area of biomedical engineering.”

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CBS SF Bay Area KPIX: Scientists Create ‘Prosthetic Memories’ In Groundbreaking Brain Research

May 17, 2018

People who have difficulty remembering things or making new memories because of a stroke, brain injury or illness may one day benefit from a new study that helps patients make new memories.

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Watch the Viterbi Satellite Commencement Ceremonies Streaming

May 09, 2018

Ph.D. on 5/10 at 9am PDT, Undergraduate on 5/11 at 11am PDT, Graduate on 5/11 at 3pm PDT, Computer Science Graduate on 5/11 at 6:30pm PDT

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USC News: Gift supports biomedical therapeutics at USC

May 09, 2018

Retired ophthalmologist Allen Ginsburg and his wife, Charlotte, donate $10 million to name the USC Institute for Biomedical Therapeutics

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USC News: Stem cell-based retinal implant tested for common cause of vision loss

Apr 20, 2018

It’s the first human trial, which is designed to replace a single-cell layer that degenerates in patients with dry age-related macular degeneration.

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WIRED: The Quest to Make a Robotic Cat Walk With Artificial Neurons

Mar 12, 2018

Want to create machines that move more naturally? Maybe start by replicating the spinal cord

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USC Viterbi to host National Science and Technology Medals Foundation Laureates event

Feb 27, 2018

An Evening With Biotech’s Best will feature National Medal of Science Laureates and pioneers of the biotechnology industry Marvin Caruthers and Leroy Hood at the new USC Michelson Center for Convergent Bioscience – March 21 – 6pm to 8pm

Read More Ted Berger selected as IEEE EMBS Distinguished Lecturer

Jan 22, 2018

Professor Berger is awarded a distinguished lectureship from IEEE’S Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS).

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USC News: Creating new heart muscle out of stem cells? This grad student is doing it

Dec 05, 2017

PhD student Joycelyn Yip ultimately hopes to test heart disease treatments in ways that reduce risk to patients

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USC News: Saving the lives of hospital patients with one simple app

Nov 30, 2017

USC Viterbi biomedical engineers develop a system that tracks vital signs of patients from admission to discharge

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Business Insider: Scientists have created brain implants that could boost our memory by up to 30%

Nov 16, 2017

Our memories could one day get a boost from a new brain implant device, according to a new study by USC researchers

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USC News: Michelson Hall, Ready To Open — And Change The World

Nov 01, 2017

The largest building on the University Park Campus brings together top engineers and scientists in shared spaces designed to encourage collaborative research.

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YouTube: World’s smallest movie studio

Oct 31, 2017

At the USC Michelson Center, Professor Scott Fraser’s incredible movies explore an unanswered question. How memories are formed?

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WIRED: Inside SynTouch, the Mad Lab Giving Robots the Power to Feel

Oct 05, 2017

SynTouch, which spun out of the University of Southern California, has created a robotic fingertip that rubs a material and precisely measures the “feel” of it in 15 dimensions, ranging from coarseness to coolness

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USC News: Viterbi Faculty Named National Academy of Inventors Fellows

Dec 12, 2016

Mark Humayun and Shri Narayanan recognized for innovation in creating or facilitating outstanding inventions that have made a tangible impact.

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New Scientist: $100 Million Project to Make Intelligence-Boosting Brain Implant

Oct 26, 2016

New Scientist highlighted research by Ted Berger to develop a neuroprosthetic to help Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, stroke and other brain disorders and injuries.

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Forbes: White House To Announce Big Push For Cancer Blood Tests

Oct 24, 2016

Forbes highlighted a partnership among Peter Kuhn and other educational institutions and biomedical research companies to develop cancer blood tests as part of Vice President Joe Biden’s Cancer Moonshot.

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USC Press Room: USC to show how wearable technology can improve cancer treatment

Sep 28, 2016

USC researchers to participate in Vice President Joe Biden’s Cancer Moonshot exhibit at a White House event.

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CMBE Journal: Stacey Finley Recognized as 2016 CMBE Journal Young Innovator

Aug 12, 2016

Work by Viterbi’s Stacey Finley, an investigator in the Michelson Center for Convergent Bioscience was highlighted for her work with colleagues to create a predictive computational model of T cell activation

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USC News: Just gellin’: How to grow strong muscles-on-a-chip

Jul 15, 2016

USC researchers hope to usher in new treatments for patients with muscular dystrophy

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Gizmag: Using Gelatin to Bulk up “Muscles-on-a-Chip”

Jul 12, 2016

Research by Megan McCain and colleagues on a new method to build bigger and stronger muscle fibers was featured

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Science World Report: Gelatin Hydrogel Could Develop Stronger Muscles, Might Be Used For ALS Cure

Jul 12, 2016

Research by Megan McCain and colleagues on an innovative new method for studying skeletal muscle development was featured.