Department of Biomedical Engineering News

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Excellence In Engineering

Apr 12, 2019

At the 41st Viterbi Awards, NAE President Dan Mote Jr., alumna and Northrop Grumman VP Linnie Haynesworth, and SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell were honored.

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A New Dawn

Apr 08, 2019

Project SUNRISE encourages USC Viterbi and other students to leverage their technical and entrepreneurial skills to help community members in need.

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The Future of Med-Tech Innovation in Just 48 Hours

Mar 21, 2019

Engineering students teamed up for the annual ASBME Makeathon, creating new assistive devices for Parkinson’s patients over the course of one weekend.

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A Robotic Leg, Born Without Prior Knowledge, Learns to Walk

Mar 11, 2019

New AI algorithms could allow robots to learn to move by themselves, imitating animals.

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National Cancer Institute Award to Support Research on Colorectal Cancer at USC

Jan 22, 2019

USC Viterbi’s Stacey Finley and Shannon Mumenthaler from the Keck School of Medicine of USC lead new $3.1 million grant to advance search for new cancer treatments using computer simulations

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Four USC Viterbi Faculty Members Selected As IEEE Fellows

Jan 08, 2019

USC Viterbi Faculty members from Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering join the 2019 class of IEEE fellows.

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Ellis Meng and Mike Waterman Elected Fellows of the National Academy of Inventors

Dec 11, 2018

USC faculty members were two of 148 academic inventors selected this year

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A Maker Space For The Ages

Nov 14, 2018

The Baum Family Maker Space, which will establish a new hub for undergraduate student innovation, positions USC Viterbi as a leader in hands-on engineering learning.

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Building A Better “CAR”

Nov 01, 2018

A trio of USC Viterbi researchers have unlocked secrets about an engineered protein receptor, known as CAR, that makes cancer-fighting T cells more effective.

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Eun Ji Chung Awarded NIH New Innovator Award

Oct 02, 2018

Grant to study nanoparticle innovations for kidney disease is a paradigm shift

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USC students go into refugee camps in Greece to volunteer and research solutions to the global refugee crisis

Sep 26, 2018

New USC Viterbi course focused on engineering solutions for social good takes students from seven USC schools in a close encounter with problems inside refugee camps

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ASBME receives outstanding achievement award

Sep 12, 2018

The Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) has selected USC’s student chapter as the 2018 recipients

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This Tiny Particle Might Change Millions of Lives

Aug 22, 2018

Nanoparticle Targets Kidney Disease for Drug Delivery

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Professor Kirk Shung becomes Dwight C. and Hildagarde E. Baum Chair

Jul 11, 2018

Dean’s Professor of Biomedical Engineering Kirk Shung assumes the mantle of department chair for BME.

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Eureka! Eureka! The Class of 2018 Has Found It

May 12, 2018

After long nights that muddled into early mornings in SAL, CED, and Leavey, they’re ready to set sail

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Master’s Class For The Ages

May 12, 2018

2018 USC Viterbi master’s students shared hugs, laughs and memories at graduation ceremonies.

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Student’s globalized upbringing informs USC journey

May 11, 2018

From D.C. to Los Angeles via Lagos, graduating biomedical engineer and USC Viterbi flag bearer reflects on his impressive accomplishments.

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2018 Viterbi Master’s Student Awards

May 11, 2018

Accomplishments of Viterbi Master’s students celebrated at the second annual event

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Marie Curie Dropped the Ph.D. Mic 115 Years Ago. These Trojans Picked It Up.

May 10, 2018

At the 2018 USC Viterbi Ph.D. Hooding and Awards ceremony, the intellectual descendants of Curie, Drexler and Viterbi took the stage.

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Talented Trio Take Graduation By Storm

May 09, 2018

Alexa, Brock and Olivia Hudnut are the ultimate Trojan trio.

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USC Women In Science and Engineering (WiSE) helps junior female faculty share their research

May 07, 2018

The annual WiSE Research Horizons Symposium at USC brought together some of the best minds in academic research

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Driven to Help Others

May 04, 2018

USC Viterbi junior Rhea Choudhury combines entrepreneurship, tutoring and academic research to make the world a better place.

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Winning Big

Apr 19, 2018

USC Viterbi faculty, students receive multiple awards at the 2018 OCEC Awards and Honors Banquet.

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Are we getting closer to a complete brain mapping? New devices explore more regions safely

Apr 13, 2018

Researchers have developed thin, flexible polymer-based materials that record activity in more subregions of the brain with safer, more specific placement.

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How do you upgrade an archaic biomedical device? Make it “self-aware”

Apr 12, 2018

USC start-up Senseer has developed microsensing technologies to improve care for patients with hydrocephalus.

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Engineers Assemble!

Apr 05, 2018

Building Prosthetic Arms for Children in 30 Hours or Less (And a Dash of “Iron Man” Inspiration)

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USC’s Chapter of National Society of Black Engineers Named Best in the Nation

Mar 28, 2018

The national honor reflects USC NSBE’s strength in “academic excellence, professional development, and community outreach.”

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Prosthetic Memory System Successful in Humans, Study Finds

Mar 28, 2018

Scientists at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and USC have demonstrated the successful implementation of a prosthetic system that uses a person’s own memory patterns to facilitate the brain’s ability to encode and recall memory

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What makes a perfect free throw – it’s madness

Mar 22, 2018

Researchers in the Brain-Body Dynamics Lab decode the shot that makes and breaks games to learn how bodies break and heal

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What plants can teach us about oil spill clean-up and microfluidics

Mar 15, 2018

Engineers create nature-inspired 3-D printed solutions for one of the worst manmade dilemmas.

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Andrea Armani Named Inaugural Holder of the Ray R. Irani Chair in Engineering

Feb 26, 2018

The chair adds to the legacy of the Irani family at USC

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USC MEDesign Team wins 2018 UC Davis Makeathon

Feb 25, 2018

The team tackles coccidioidomycosis head on in this 48-hour battle of the engineers

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3D4E takes printing to another level

Feb 07, 2018

USC Viterbi’s 3D Printing Club presents a heavily detailed three-dimensional map of USC’s campus.

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How a tumor grows can predict response to cancer therapy

Dec 21, 2017

A new USC study finds that tumor growth traits play a key role in cancer drug effectiveness

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Combating eye injuries with a reversible superglue seal

Dec 06, 2017

Scientists and engineers at USC develop an on-the-spot, temperature-sensitive gel that could seal eye injuries on the battlefield

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She’s Out of This World

Nov 15, 2017

Nina Singh BME ’19 receives an Astronaut Scholarship, an honor reserved for the best and brightest STEM college students

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Nanofab Lab Dedicated to Former USC Viterbi Executive Vice Dean John O’Brien

Nov 13, 2017

Michelson Center based facility expected Opening in 2018

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Let It Glow

Oct 31, 2017

Cristina Zavaleta aims to better detect and treat cancer using some “dye”-namic imaging methods

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Can AI Help to Detect and Cure Cancer?

Oct 31, 2017

At the USC Michelson Center, Fei Sha will bring an expertise in AI and commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration to tackle some of the most vexing issues in healthcare.

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A Spotlight Shines On Generosity

Oct 06, 2017

USC Viterbi’s 2017 Scholarship and Fellowship Dinner connects donors to the students they so enthusiastically champion

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Peeking into the Science World

Oct 02, 2017

Eun Ji Chung, an assistant biomedical engineering professor at USC Viterbi, works with the 32nd Street School to incorporate science with social media.

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Perseverance Pays Off

Sep 19, 2017

Three BME undergraduate students will present their research at the 2017 BMES Annual Meeting in Phoenix this October

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Envisioning a New World

Sep 15, 2017

IEEE has recognized USC’s Mark Humayun as being at the forefront of cutting-edge research in the field of biomedical engineering

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Can Stem Cells Be Tricked?

Sep 07, 2017

Engineering and Medicine faculty team up to address a longstanding stem cell problem – their inability to thrive and expand in vitro

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Eun Ji Chung Receives 2017 AIChE 35 Under 35 Award

Aug 29, 2017

The goal-setting Assistant Professor rounds out a successful 2017 with an early career honor from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers

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Postdoc Wins Prestigious K99 Award

Jun 05, 2017

Sangpil Yoon is the first USC biomedical engineering postdoctoral fellow to receive the NIH-administered award.

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2017 Viterbi Master’s Student Awards

May 23, 2017

Accomplishments of Viterbi Masters students celebrated in inaugural event

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USC Viterbi 2017 Undergraduate Awards

May 23, 2017

Graduating students from the USC Viterbi School of Engineering were recognized on May 10th at the 2017 Undergraduate Viterbi Awards for their academic, leadership, and service achievements.

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Fred S. Grodins Graduate Symposium Turns 21

May 08, 2017

USC Viterbi Department of Biomedical Engineering lauded students in its annual graduate student research symposium.

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Up, up and away at the 2017 faculty and staff awards

May 03, 2017

Honoring the work and dedication of USC Viterbi faculty and staff

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New Early Career Chair Appointments

May 01, 2017

Four distinguished junior USC Viterbi faculty appointed to Early Career Chairs

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Strength in the numbers behind cancer research

Apr 19, 2017

Stacey Finley is awarded the inaugural Leah Edelstein-Keshet Prize for her mathematical models in cancer research.

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For Love Of Country

Apr 19, 2017

INTRAM, a USC Viterbi student-led team making an app to improve post-stroke care, will represent USC and the U.S. at the NAE’s Grand Challenge business model competition this July.

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Winners of the 2017 OCEC Awards

Apr 06, 2017

Viterbi faculty and students receive awards from the Orange County Engineering Council.

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Ten-Year-Olds Tackle Biomedical Engineering

Mar 02, 2017

The Project in a Box initiative brings hands-on biomedical engineering lessons to local elementary schools

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Making meaningful devices under pressure

Feb 28, 2017

Undergraduate students flexed their hands-on engineering skills at the 2017 ASBME Makeathon, a competition to develop real-world biomedical devices.

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‘One life saved is huge, but I know it can be far more than that’

Feb 24, 2017

Deepika Bodapati’s low-cost, blood imaging device Athelas has already saved the lives of patients with early-stage leukemia

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Bioengineering models for muscular dystrophy research

Feb 16, 2017

Megan McCain receives a Rising Star Award for her innovative research on musculoskeletal disorders.

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Living in a Biomaterial World

Feb 01, 2017

Eun Ji Chung receives a Broad Innovation Award for her research proposal to use biologically inspired scaffolds in urethral tissue regeneration.

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Calling all “Makers”… are you ready for Makeathon 2017?

Jan 27, 2017

All students with biomedical interests are encouraged to participate in the annual engineering design team competition held in February.

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Beating the Spread

Jan 10, 2017

Knowing how cancer cells interface with surrounding cells may be key to preventing metastasis.

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Accessory Power

Jan 09, 2017

At 20 years old, USC Viterbi Biomedical Engineering student Nikita Dhesikan founded IDENTITI, a custom gemstone bracelet company that empowers women one gem at a time.

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They 3D Printed Hands for Children in Syria; Now They’re 3D Printing Eyewear for Children in Los Angeles

Dec 20, 2016

3D printed projects by students get ready to go from lab to market, including one ‘Spectacles Squad’.

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Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

Nov 14, 2016

Members of 17 burgeoning startups and their mentors recently met for the kickoff of the seventh annual Maseeh Entrepreneurship Prize Competition.

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Sam McBirney, Superbug Sleuth

Nov 10, 2016

A USC Viterbi Ph.D. student uncovers a flaw in research on the two biggest culprits in hospital-acquired bloodstream infections—and she knows how to fix it.

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It gets ‘Real’ for USC startups

Nov 10, 2016

Innovators at ‘The Real Deal @ USC’ meet their matches with Gen. David Petraeus and fellow investors

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It Takes A Village To Educate A Child

Nov 03, 2016

The USC Viterbi STEM Spotlight on the Department of Biomedical Engineering illuminates STEM subjects for local middle and high school students.

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What if this protein holds the key to a new dimension in cancer immunotherapy?

Oct 19, 2016

Assistant Professor Stacey Finley uses mathematical modeling in her novel research on LCK protein regulation in cancer immunotherapy.

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Rosa’s Choice

Oct 14, 2016

A trailblazing alumna and surgeon-engineer describes how she lived in two countries and between two dreams at once

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Eva Kanso Awarded $1 Million NSF INSPIRE Grant

Sep 29, 2016

AME Associate Professor Eva Kanso receives NSF INSPIRE grant to study bacteria-host interaction

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Megan McCain receives American Heart Association Faculty Award

Sep 26, 2016

Megan McCain awarded 2016 AHA Scientist Development Grant

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From High School Dropout to Engineer

Jun 01, 2016

High school “dropout” comes to USC to solve today’s biomedical challenges