CFDB – Minor in Craniofacial and Dental Biotechnology

The School of Dentistry, the Viterbi School of Engineering department of biomedical engineering and the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences department of biological sciences jointly offer the minor in craniofacial and dental biotechnology. This minor is designed to prepare engineering, pre-dental, pre-medical and biological sciences undergraduates to enter the dental biotechnology industry as well as to introduce them to recent innovations in craniofacial sciences and therapeutics. The coursework introduces students to concepts in craniofacial histology and embryology, head-and-neck anatomy, genetics, biochemistry, and biotechnology as well as applications to dental diagnostics, imaging, and dental therapies (dental implants, restorative dentistry, craniofacial genetics).

This minor requires a minimum of 18 units unique to the minor, and a varying number of total units beyond major requirements, depending upon the student’s major program of study and the elective(s) chosen by the student. Students may be required to complete a minimum of 38 units for the minor including pre-requisites or as much as 50 units, depending on whether their major includes any of the minor requirements or their prerequisites.

View a list of required and elective courses below.  Please see a biomedical engineering or biological sciences or a school of dentistry’s advisor for specific program requirements.

For information on the the schedule of DHIS 310 and DENT 412, check below.  For  information on BME, BISC and MASC course offerings, please view the USC schedule of classes.

Click here to download the application form.  Completed applications should be brought to Chris Noll in DRB 140.

All information contained here is summarized from the USC Catalogue and is considered non-official. For all rules, regulations, procedures, and outlines, please see the current academic year USC catalogue.

Core Required Courses

DENT 412: Fundamentals of Craniofacial and Dental Technology – 3 units
Offered in the Spring only

DHIS 310: Basic Human and Oral Histology and Embryology – 2 units
Offered in the Fall only

BISC 320L: Molecular Biology – 4 units
Offered in the Fall only

BISC 325L: Genetics – 4 units
Offered in the Fall only

BME 410: Introduction to Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering – 3 units
Offered in the Spring only

Pre-requisites for core required courses include BISC 120, and BISC 220, as well as CHEM 105ab and CHEM 322ab.

DHIS 310 and DENT 412 Schedule

DHIS-310 is typically offered in the fall on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:00 am to Noon.
DHIS 310 will be taught by Professor Arnold Tiber. The course is 2 units and does not have a lab. Please note that the “start date” for this course may not coincide each year with the standard academic start date for undergraduate courses.

DENT 412 is typically offered in the Spring on Tuesdays from 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM.
Click here to view the syllabus for DENT 412.


Enroll in at least two courses from the following (not part of your major) to complete at least 16 units outside your home department and 16 units unique to the minor:

BME 404: Biomechanics – 3 units
Prerequisite: PHYS 151L; MATH 245; AME 201. Offered in the Fall only

BME 416: Development and regulation of medical products – 3 units
Offered in the Spring only

BME 451: Fundamentals of Biomedical Microdevices – 3 units
Prerequisite: EE202L. Offered in the Fall only

BISC 330L: Biochemistry – 4 units
Prerequisite: BISC 320L; CHEM 322aL. Offered in the Spring only

BISC 403: Advanced Molecular Biology – 4 units
Prerequisite: BISC 320L. Offered in the Fall only

BISC 406L: Biotechnology – 4 units
Prerequisite: BISC 320L; recommended preparation: BISC 313 or BISC 325. Offered in the Fall only

BISC 410: Applications of Molecular biology to Medicine – 4 units
Senior standing. Prerequisite: BISC 330L. Offered in the Spring only

BISC 435: Advanced Biochemistry – 4 units
Prerequisite: BISC 330L. Offered in the Spring only

DENT 221: Introduction to Dentistry – 1 unit

ENGR 305: Engineering Biology Matters – 3 units
Recommended preparation: CHEM 105aL, MASC 110L

HP 340L: Health Behavior Statistical Methods – 4 units

HP 350L: Health Behavior Research Methods – 4 units
Recommended preparation: HP 340L

MASC 310: Materials Behavior and Processing – 3 units
Offered in the Fall only