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Research in Biomedical Engineering

Since its inception, Biomedical Engineering research at USC has been directed to the study of the function and structure of living systems, as well as the application of engineering science to problems in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.
The department's primary faculty conduct innovative research in numerous areas of fundamental importance in biomedicine. Current research is supported by government agencies, private foundations, and industries including: the National Institutes of Health (NCRR, NHLBI, NIBIB, NIA, NIMH); the National Science Foundation (Bioengineering, Integrative Biology and Neural Science); Office of Naval Research; Defense Advanced Research Project Agency; NASA; American Heart Associations; American Lung Association; the Whitaker Foundation.
The Department has also had a history of large program grants from the NIH, including a Biomedical Engineering Program Project Grant awarded in 1968, a Biomedical Engineering Center Grant awarded in 1977, and the currently active Biomedical Simulations Resource (1985) and Ultrasound Transducer Research Center (1996).
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The labs currently associated with the USC Biomedical Engineering Department are:

AMI-USC: Alfred Mann Institute
BBDL: The Brain-Body Dynamics Lab
BRL: Bioelectronic Research Lab
BMES-ERC: NSF Engineering Research Center for Biometric Microelectronic Systems
BMIL: Biomedical Imaging Laboratory
BML: Biomedical Microsystems Lab
BMSR: Biomedical Simulations Resources
CBL: Chung Biomaterials Laboratory
CNE: Center for Neural Engineering
CSCL: Computational Systems Biology Laboratory
CSL: Cardiorespiratory Sleep Laboratory
CVSL: Center for Vision Science & Technology
IPIL: Image Processing and Informatics Lab
LIBE: (Shen Lab) Laboratory for Integrative Biosystems Engineering
LLSE: Laboratory for Living Systems Engineering
LNC: Laboratory for Neural Computation
MDDF: Medical Device Development Facility
SL: Sanger Lab
TIC: Translational Imaging Center
UTRC: Ultrasonic Transducer Resource Center
VPL: Visual Processing Laboratory