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Undergraduate Students


Specialized Training for Your Career Goals
Reflecting the breadth of this interdisciplinary field, our department offers four undergraduate areas of specialization

Hands-on Experience

Regardless of their career objectives, our department urges students to seek out internships and research opportunities during their undergraduate years. These experiences allow students to apply knowledge from the classroom to real projects and develop abilities to problem-solve creatively and independently. To ensure that this type of training is available to our students, the BME Department interacts closely with local biomedical companies. As Southern California rapidly grows as a center for biomedical and biotechnological industries, our department strives to connect junior and senior students with those companies offering internship opportunities. Currently the Department works with ASBME to sponsor an annual Corporate Luncheon. In addition, the BME faculty at USC provide opportunities for undergraduates to gain hands-on laboratory experience, as early as their freshman year. Through programs like merit research and the BME 490 Directed Research course, undergraduates are encouraged to embark on independent research projects under the direction of a professor of their choice.


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