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Advising Information

All BME graduate students have a MANDATORY ADVISEMENT HOLD from the BME Department. The hold will be lifted once you have contacted the BME Graduate Advisor for academic advisement. You will be able to register by following the d-clearance process outlined below.


NEW Domestic students are able to register via my.usc.edu if no ‘holds’ are placed on your account.
NEW International students are unable to register until all holds are lifted by USC's Office of International Services (OIS).

CURRENT students should check my.usc.edu for appointment time or holds, contact the BME Graduate Advisor for advisement, then follow the D-Clearance process.


  •  Schedule a meeting or email your academic advisor (me!) to discuss classes and to REMOVE the department’s MANDATORY ADVISEMENT HOLD.
  •  Request d-clearance by logging into into https://myviterbi.usc.edu/
  •  Under Student Resources, click on D-Clearance Request Manager.
  •  Select the department you are requesting D-Clearance from.
  •  After receiving email confirmation about d-clearance approval from Graduate Advisor, go to Web Registration in my.usc.edu to finalize your class  registration.
  •  If you’re interested in taking directed research (BME 590) for your technical electives, please let me know.


For d-clearance in MPTX or RSCI courses, send an e-mail request to Toni Rodriguez (tonirodr@usc.edu) with the information below:

·        Name, USC 10-digit ID, e-mail

·        Course # (ie. MPTX 513) and Graduate Program (ie. MS BME or MDDE)

·        On-Campus or Distance

·        Click here for RegSci's full schedule.