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MDDF ( Medical Device Development Facility)

Medical Device Development Facility, MDDF 

The Medical Device Development Facility was started by Dr. Gerald Loeb when he moved to USC in 1999. It has been the home to a wide range of projects that involve feasibility studies, design, development and clinical testing of medical devices. Most of these projects are in the general field of neural engineering and many are related to sensorimotor function. The MDDF has pioneered BIONs (injectable neuromuscular stimulators and sensors) for paralyzed limbs, tactile sensors for mechatronic prostheses, and computer modeling software such as MSMS MusculoSkeletal Modeling Software and Virtual Muscle to develop and test command and control algorithms. The MDDF serves as a living laboratory for advancement and teaching of all aspects of medical device development, including design controls, quality systems, regulatory compliance and technology transfer to industry.

To learn more about the MDDF people and their research, to view our latest publications, and to download our Virtual Muscle and MSMS MusculoSkeletal Modeling Software, please visit the MDDF website.