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CNE (Center for Neural Engineering)

Under ther directorship of Professor Theodore W. Berger, the Center for Neural Engineering (CNE) consists of six core departments: biological sciences, biomedical engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, molecular pharmacology and toxicology, and psychology. The mission of the Center for Neural Engineering is to facilitate the development of research, training, and technology transfer programs through mechanisms that support the exchange of intellectual and technical expertise between the engineering, neuroscience, and medical faculty at USC.
Neural Engineering is widely acknowledged to be one of the premiere growth arenas of the 21st century, with major thrusts related to: (i) basic research on the nervous system, particularly with respect to modeling and simulation of neural systems and their functions, (ii) development and application of specialized technologies for medical diagnosis and treatment of nervous system disorders, including silicon-based neural prosthetic devices to replace damaged or dysfunctional brain or spinal cord, and (iii) "neurotechnology" applications, i.e., enhanced-performance systems designed on the basis of fundamental principles of nervous system structure and function.

 The CNE website is currently under reconstruction. Please check back or contact bmedept@usc.edu.