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Congratulations to Suvimol "Ming" Sangkatumvong!

September 08, 2010 —

Suvimol "Ming" Sangkatumvong was recently selected as an Open Finalist in the Student Paper Competition at the 2010 Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference, August 31 – September 4, 2010 (Buenos Aires, Argentina).  The competition was co-sponsored by EMBS and the National Science Foundation. 

Ming presented her paper entitled: “Time-Varying Analysis of Autonomic Control in Response to Spontaneous Sighs in Sickle Cell Anemia” this past week at the conference in Buenos Aires.

Under the direction of Prof. Michael C.K. Khoo and Prof. Thomas D. Coates, Ming’s research studies the autonomic nervous system in sickle cell anemia patients. She uses a time-varying analysis of heart rate variability to non-invasively track the autonomic responses to various stimuli. This conference paper proposed a technique which improves the robustness of a continuous tracking of heart rate variability following spontaneous sighs. The results suggested that the sympathetic system in sickle cell anemia patients may be more sensitive to sighs in relation to normals, and the autonomic nervous system may play a role in initiation of vaso-occlusive crisis in this group of patients.

This study is supported in part by the U.S. National Institute of Health under Grants HL090511 and EB001978, and the General Clinical Research Center at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles under Grant NIH RR00047.