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Research, Adjunct & Teaching

Jean Marie Bouteiller, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Neurophysiology of learning and memory, synaptic function, dysfunctions and plasticity


Sophia Chun, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor

Alireza DiBazar, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor 
Computational neuroengineering (
BME-Neural Dynamic Laboratory)

Edward Ebramzadeh, Ph.D., Part-time Lecturer

Stephan G. Erberich, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Research Radiology, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
PACS research, medical image informatics. (Radiology, Pediatrics, Children Hospital Los Angeles)
Daniel Farkas, Ph.D., Research Professor 
Arkadiusz Gertych Ph.D, Research Adjunct Assistant Professor
Bioimage informatics, computer-aided diagnosis in medicine (Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Surgery)
John J. Granacki, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering Systems and Biomedical Engineering,
Computer architecture including biologically-inspired architectures, design automation, and VLSI design. (EE-Systems, Information Sciences Institute)
Bo Han, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor
Tissue engineering (Surgery)
Brittany Kay, Ph.D., Full-time Lecturer
Hyung Ham (David) Kim, Ph.D.Research Assistant Professor, Manager of NIH Resource on Medical Ultrasonic Transducer Technology
High frequency medical ultrasound imaging systems and transducers, precision devices for microbeam ultrasound applications

Jonathan Lasch, Ph.D., Research Professor & Director,  Alfred E. Mann Institute for Biomedical Engineering.
Technology transfer and biomedical entrepreneurship
Eun Jin “Grace” Lee, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor
Neurobiology of sensory and neurodegenerative disorders; Synaptic plasticity in retinal development, Structural Neurochemistry of Retinal Circuit
Alfred E. Mann, M.S., Research Professor 
Device and other technologies for improving human health (Mannkind Corp.)
Philip Requejo, Ph.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor, Director of Rehabilitation Engineering Program at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Cente
Focuses on engineering solutions to enhance mobility in individuals with spinal cord injury (SCI)
Joseph Schulman, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor
Long-term glucose sensing; neural prostheses; glucose delivery system; medical devices (Alfred E. Mann Foundation)
 Robert V. Shannon Ph.D, Research Professor
Auditory prosthesis and electrical stimulation patterns (Keck School of Medicine, Department of Otolaryngology, Neuroscience)
Dong Song, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor
Experimental and computational studies of the hippocampus, cortical cognitive neural prostheses, nonlinear systems analysis
George Tolomiczenko, Ph.D., M.P.H., M.B.A., Adjunct Assistant Professor
Interdisciplinary teams, design thinking, entrepreneurial engineering and medicine, medical device development, commercialization and regulatory pathways, health care process and business innovation, clinical trials, research ethics, hospital performance metrics, data analytics, implementation science, healthcare leadership development.
Shirin Towfigh, M.D., Adjunct Associate Professor (Cedars-Sinai Medical Center)
Development of novel technologies for minimally invasive surgery
John Wood, M.D. Assistant Professor Of Pediatrics, Assistant Professor Of Radiology
MR Imaging (Pediatrics, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles )
Tishya A.L. Wren, Ph.D.,Research Associate Professor of Orthopaedics, Radiology and Biomedical Engineering
Biomechanics of pathological movement (Pediatrics, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles )
Qifa Zhou, Ph.D.,Research Professor
Ultrasonic transducers (Medical Ultrasonic Transducer Resource)
Materials property characterization, thin film devices, high frequency MEMS transducer/array, Intravascular probe and imaging,  Photoacoustic imaging.