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Jean-Michel Maarek

Professor of Engineering Practice

Director of Medical Device & Diagnostic Engineering Program and Director of Undergraduate Affairs for the BME Department

Biomedical optics, measurement of cardiovascular function, functional neuroimaging of animal behavior, engineering education

Office: DRB 150
Phone: (213) 740-0346
Fax: (213) 740-0343
Email: jmaarek@bmsr.usc.edu


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Givrad TK, Maarek J-MI, Moore WH, Holschneider DP, “Powering an Implantable Minipump with a Multi-layered Printed Circuit Coil for Drug Infusion Applications in Rodents”, Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 38: 707-713, 2010.

Maarek J-MI, Holschneider DP, “Estimation of Indocyanine Green Concentration in Blood from Fluorescence Emission: Application to Hemodynamic Assessment During Hemodialysis”, Journal of Biomedical Optics, 14(5): 054006-1 to -12, 2009.

Holschneider DP, Maarek J-MI, “Brain Maps on the Go:  Functional Imaging During Motor Challenge in Animals”, Methods,  45(4):255-61, 2008.

Maarek JM, Holschneider DP, Rubinstein EH. Fluorescence dilution technique for measurement of cardiac output and circulating blood volume in healthy human subjects. Anesthesiology, 106:491-498, 2007.


Jean-Michel I. Maarek received his engineering degree (Diplome d'Ingénieur Civil des Mines) in Chemical Engineering in 1980 from the Ecole des Mines in Nancy, France, his Doctorat Ingénieur in Biomedical Engineering in 1984 from the Université Paris Val-de-Marne in Créteil, France, and his M.S. degree in Education in 1997 from the University of Southern California. Prior to coming to North America, he worked in Creteil Medical School on the optical properties of biological tissues and the development of a functional imaging technique using near-infrared laser sources. Dr. Maarek came to USC in 1984 as a Research Associate.


Dr. Maarek’s primary interest is in biomedical optics applied to the development of diagnostic methods and systems for critical care medicine and clinical assessment of cardiovascular function. Dr. Maarek and his collaborators have invented and developed a minimally invasive approach to monitor cardiac function at the bedside based on the detection of an intravenously injected fluorescent dye, which they are validating in various types of clinical conditions and patient populations. Dr. Maarek collaborates with the Laboratory of Vertebrate Functional Brain Mapping in the development of methods and software for functional neuroimaging and visualization of animal behavior. Dr. Maarek is also interested in engineering education, in relation to the use of information technology for teaching and learning in the undergraduate classroom.