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Program of Study

MS Medical Device and Diagnostic Engineering

***Depending on your track of choice, this program can be completed in three or 4 semesters.

Core requirement: 19 units
Tech elective requirement: 3 units
Track requirements: 6 units from 1 track only

BME 501 Advanced Topics in Biomedical Systems OR 4 Fall & Spring
BME 502 Advanced Studies of the Nervous System 4 Fall only
BME 513 Signal and Systems Analysis 3 Fall & Spring
BME 650 Biomedical Measurement and Instrumentation 3 Spring only
MPTX 511 Introduction to Medical Product Regulation OR 3 Year-round (subject to change)
BME 416 Development and Regulation of Medical Products 3 Spring only
MPTX 515 Quality Systems and Standards OR   Year-round (subject to change)
ISE 527 Quality Management for Engineers 3 Year-round (subject to change)
ISE 545 Technology Development and Implementation 3 Year-round (subject to change)
Elective Approved Technical Elective 3  
                     REGULATION TRACK 
MPTX 513 Regulation of Medical Devices and Diagnostics 3 Fall & Summer
RSCI 527 Medical Product Safety 3 ASK PROGRAM ADVISOR
BME 535 Ultrasonic Imaging 3 Spring only
BME 551 Introduction to bio-MEMS and Nanotechnology 3 Spring only, not a DEN course
BME 552 Neural Implant Engineering 3 Spring only, not a DEN course
BME 620* Applied Electrophysiology 4 Fall only, not a DEN course
                     PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT TRACK
ISE 515 Engineering Project Management 3 Year-round (subject to change)
ISE 555 Invention and Technology Development 3 Spring, not a DEN course
TOTAL UNITS REQUIRED: 28 (*29 units if taking BME 620)    


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